Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Mayhem

As I sit and recapitulate my weekend, I shake my head and smile. Friday started out great with my friend Amanda showing up for my Nia class. Now, I'd been telling her about Nia for a year and a half, and to my great honor, she showed up. We danced our core for the next hour, tapping in to the sensations of the pelvis, chest and head. Looking at my class, a smile spread across my face as each person was really experiencing Joy, connecting to their bodies, connecting to the music. A sweaty conversation sparked after class as Amanda and I shared our passion for the crazy entertainment industry, our goals in life....filling each other in with the latest happenings. I went home to take a much needed hot shower and to rest up for the evening, we were wrapping our clearing scene. Friday night brought along much promise for a great shoot. My film partners and crew are some of my closest friends, the talent that they bring to 13 Echo Films is inspiring. Slated to shoot that evening: Samuel (most of us know him simply as 'the devil') and the poor sad sack Diego...I get the priviledge of playing his evil, conniving wife Carrie. (More about this film in a later blog). The scene was everything we had hoped for and each guy brought their game to the set, it was a joy to watch and experience. As the evening continued, as evenings tend to do, we noticed that the lightening was coming just a little closer to us each time. Now, as we are filming outdoors with multiple lights, generators and electrical equipment, you can see how this is a problem. Me holding the boom mic standing beneath and all around this weather isjust not working for me. We find ourselves praying for the rain to hold just a few minutes longer so we can finish this one last shot. I think it was Frank's rain dance that caused the downpour. Way to go Frank, way to channel your Native American ancestoral dances....
Scrambling to put the equipment into the cars and into Rodney's house, it's somewhere around 3 am when we drive home.

Saturday night found us at Azuca celebrating the wrap party for San Antonio 48 hour film festival. Great food, great drinks, good company. After a pitcher or so of mojitos, we decided to take ourselves out on the town. Leaving Azuca, we head to Swig where that scene just wasn't. So, we headed to Bar V at Hotel Valencia. The DJ was slammin that night, and the music over took my body...or maybe it was the 2 Lemondrop martinis combined with the mojitos...
I never left the dance floor...until the DJ played 'Little Red Corvet' lost me on that one. Now, I'm a lover or the music of Prince, but Little Red Corvet? yeah, I don't know either.

Sunday morning was my favorite of all these days. Surprisingly, I don't wake up with a hangover and I get ready, as I always do, to go to church to sing. I attend quite possibly the coolest church in San I head for the door at 7:30 and as I get into my vehicle, I remember that my fuel light had illuminated itself. Thinking that my car wasn't lying to me, I know that I have just enough gas to get myself down the road to church where there's a gas station close by. Cruising down 281 near the 1604 interchange, my car shuts off. As in, I'm driving and can no longer accelerate, turn, listen to the radio, nothing. Staving off the panic, I exit the 1604 entrance ramp. This said ramp is uphill and half way up I'm thinking that at any moment I will roll backwards. I coast into the parking lot and turn off my vehicle. Turn the key and it starts again. Thinking that I could still make it the next few miles, I get back on the road where my car promptly shuts off again, stranding me at the light of 1604/281. Yep, stuck with a million cars behind me. I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for the guys that sell newspapers at highway intersections. It is these two people that rush over to push my car under the freeway onto the median. I pick up my phone to call Andy hoping that he will come with a gas can and rescue me from my stupidity. He calls back moments later to inform me that his car keys are sitting on my front seat, and as I look over to confirm, there the sun glints off his keys. Awesome. Stranded in my gas depleated car with my husband's car keys next to me. All of this before 8:oo in the morning. Yes, great start to Sunday. I finally make it to church 30 minutes later with a great story. Regaling those who asked, recovering from my embarassement. Oh yes, I will never let that happen again. Moral of the story, put gas in your car. Sunday ended with a trip to The Synergy Studio where the Esther Vexler Yoga school was hosting a fundraiser. I got two very cool henna tattoos....stay tuned, I will be learning to henna.

That's my weekend in a nut shell....signing out


  1. OMG I cannot believe you were gassed out!! What a FML moment no? Who ended up bailing you out? Glad to hear the weekend was great otherwise! I loved the entry, made me feel like I was right there with ya this weekend. In a way, makes me feel closer to you to read this! Keep em coming!! And welcome to the blog world!

  2. PS. Don't forget to follow my blogs now that you have an official blogspot!